Who we are?

Blue Whale Press is an advertising network for e-commerce and a publisher of thematic information websites operating on the international market.

We enable the acquisition of valuable links in the form of the publication of sponsored articles, as well as support advertising and branding activities.

We are where our readers are, so by working with us you have a chance to reach over 500,000 unique users per month on over 200 thematic websites!

Why us?

We are the response to the needs of modern business – we strengthen SEO activities by using the potential of link building and sponsored articles.

We support e-commerce, SEO/PR agencies and online businesses in increasing visibility, enhancing conversions, and generating valuable website traffic. We utilise the possibilities of modern technologies to provide new advertising space, supporting the effective implementation of the link building strategy.

Thanks to our experience with SEO360, we perfectly understand the needs of the e-commerce industry, which is why our activities are effective, precise and transparent.


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