For e-commerce

Are you looking for comprehensive support in increasing the visibility and enhancing the conversion of your online store?

Blue Whale Press is a response to the needs of modern online business. Thanks to us, more valuable users will reach your website.

What do we offer?

Do you want to advertise on the web, but are worried about unsuccessful campaigns and ineffective budget spending? The solution is our proprietary advertising network available on over 100 news websites in 10 thematic categories. We offer you, among others, sponsored articles and guest posts, targeted graphic advertising, high-quality link building and promotion on social media. Our activities allow you to precisely reach your target group, which guarantees effectiveness.

Needs analysis

At Blue Whale Press, we perfectly understand the needs of the e-commerce industry and follow the current trends. Before we can act, however, we need to get to know your expectations better. The analysis of the target group and the specifics of the industry in which you operate will help us in this. On this basis, in a later stage, we will prepare an individual strategy that will be tailored to your needs.


Our websites operate based on an individual strategy. However, the most important for us is your strategy and idea for developing an online business. Combining one with the other gives the synergy effect that we always strive for. Is your goal the development of SEO activities? Or maybe your priority is to build a specific image of your company? You can be sure that our offer will fully meet your expectations.


We start the implementation with the selection of an appropriate topic. On its basis, we will offer you the right site and a team of specialists. A team of experts from various fields work on your project: graphic designer, web developer, and SEO specialist. We are working on your campaign until the last adjustment. We make sure that your budget is spent effectively, and the investment in promotion brings a return in the form of maximizing sales.


We never stop working on your project. We are transparent, therefore we keep you informed about the course of activities and the effects. We are also not afraid to talk about problems that we always deal with quickly. We constantly draw conclusions and optimize your project to bring you the most benefits: building a positive brand image, online visibility, conversion and profit maximization.

Complete transparency

Do you feel that you are unfamiliar with marketing and are afraid of professional terminology and incomprehensible concepts? We want to be your partners. We thoroughly explain the course of the project - we avoid professional terminology and replace it with simple and understandable language. Thanks to this, at every stage you will know how your campaign is developing and what effects to expect.

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