Why us?

At Blue Whale Press, we offer our readers engaging content and up-to-date information from 10 thematic categories every day.

In this way, we combine two goals: creating information for website users and valuable advertising space for e-commerce. Regardless of whether you run your online store or operate in the e-marketing industry and are looking for promotion opportunities for your clients - at Blue Whale Press you will find opportunities to reach a strictly defined target group and support in the field of link building at the highest level.

Effectiveness of activities

We provide high-quality content, targeted advertising and quality links. The advertisement we offer is placed next to contextually selected content, on websites specialized in a given category.

This means we are exactly where your potential customers are. Our activities are effective, precise and have a direct impact on increasing traffic and conversion on customer websites. Thanks to this, you get a guarantee of effective use of the marketing budget and a benefit from increased sales and profits.

Reliability and high quality

We combine journalistic passion with knowledge of the marketing and e-commerce industry. The content created by our editorial team is always up-to-date, unique and fully original, and the websites - optimized for UX, intuitive and user-friendly. This makes Blue Whale Press websites reliable and trustworthy in the eyes of readers. That is why our websites meet the high standards of the advertising network, beating the so-called microsites.

Thanks to this, we have a real impact on the positive image of the client and help him build a strong brand.

Cooperation based on partnership

We are distinguished by experience, flexibility and following the latest trends.

At the same time, there is always room for the client's business goals in our strategy. You are the one who knows the specifics of your industry best. We are here to develop effective solutions in response to your needs. We keep you informed about the course of activities and their effects, and based on your feedback, we optimize activities to best meet your expectations. Thanks to this, you can be sure that we generate valuable traffic that translates into sales.

We are backed by numbers

An editorial team (editors, news specialists, copywriters) and a technical team (web developers, graphic designers, SEO and UX specialists) work on each of the websites. Together, we create an advertising network of the highest standard.

team consists of
70 people
Content for our readers is prepared by over
60 journalists
We publish over
2000 articles per month
Every month, on each website we create
tens of thousands of words of high-quality content on each of the websites

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