For agencies

Are you looking for new advertising space for your e-commerce clients?

Blue Whale Press is a publisher of specialized websites and at the same time the first proprietary e-commerce advertising network in Poland. Build the trust of your customers and take advantage of our offer.

How do we work?

We direct our offer to agencies, marketers, SEO and SEM specialists as well as sales representatives who work with clients from the e-commerce industry. We offer sponsored and guest articles, targeted graphic advertising, high-quality link building, and promotion on social media. Our proprietary advertising network includes over 200 thematic sites from 10 categories. We effectively and precisely reach the target group (over 500,000 unique users per month), ensuring that advertisement is located next to high-quality content on websites specialized in a given category.

valuable advertising space for e-commerce
precisely reaching potential buyers
Blue Whale Press benefits your customers
contextual advertisement, that affects the conversion
creating positive association with the brand and building an expert image of the client

Effective combination of journalism and marketing

We combine our two overarching goals: creating useful information for readers and valuable advertising space for e-commerce. An editorial team (editors, news workers, journalists) works on each of the websites. Our texts are fully original, which guarantees their uniqueness. We regularly create engaging content, following the current trends and news, which means that the readers of our websites always receive up-to-date content and information that they are looking for.

High standard of services

We care about the high quality of our services. Ease of navigation, visual coherence and a varied structure (embeds, subtitles, contextual photos and videos) create a professional first impression. The websites are fully original, optimized for loading speed and responsiveness. In addition, we provide users with security and data protection. All this affects the credibility of our websites not only in the eyes of readers but also search engine algorithms.


Appropriate SEO optimization of our websites and valuable content mean that they are well perceived by Google algorithms. Thanks to this, the links included in the articles build the credibility of the target domains, and the content is easily indexed. Another element influencing the positioning of advertisers' websites is the possibility of redirecting traffic from other websites by cross-linking. All this has a positive effect on the position of key phrases in the search engine and valuable traffic on customer websites.

Adequate information architecture

All sites are run in a way that allows intuitive navigation and easy access to the information you need. The pages are expanded not only with main categories, but also detailed subcategories. In addition, periodic UX audit helps to increase the usability of websites, and the accessible organization of information and texts draws the attention of readers.

Link building

Thanks to precise and transparent activities, we provide support in the field of link building. Our websites enable exact match linking, cross-linking, and internal linking. Customers receive high-quality, strong links from valuable and reliable websites that are trusted by users and search engine robots. Thanks to this, the link profile is natural and the valuable traffic on the website increases.

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