We operate with passion

The activities of Blue Whale Press are an alternative to low-quality content. Our team cares about interesting content, high-quality texts and the substantive value of the information posted, building credibility with the readers.

How do we do it?

Head of the Copywriting Department
Content Manager
SEO analyst
Content Specialists


At Blue Whale Press, each site is looked after by a dedicated team managed by the editor-in-chief. Our editors are people who are well-prepared in terms of content and at the same time experts on the subject and enthusiasts in their field. It is their expert knowledge and journalistic enthusiasm that attract engaged readers to our websites.

Content Manager

The Content Manager supervises the work of journalists in cooperation with the editors-in-chief. He is a person who not only manages the editorial team but is also responsible for providing high-quality content for our websites to meet the expectations of the most demanding users.

40 writing editors

Our articles - as in any professional publishing house - are signed with the names and biographies of the authors. At Blue Whale Press, we employ a total of 40 of them.

Journalists and reporters are always up to date with the latest trends, search for interesting news and create engaging texts in response to readers' expectations.


We entrust our proofreaders to care for the quality of texts and linguistic correctness. Their tasks include not only stylistic verification of the content but also substantive correction and editing. All this means that our articles are refined in every respect.

Blue Whale Press is a reliable business partner
not only for e-commerce but also for agencies serving many customers. We can operate on a large scale because we have a well-organized organizational and process structure in which each of the divisions - editorial, executive and commercial - has a role to play. We employ a large team of specialists who are experts in their fields. These are not only editors, journalists, newsmen, proofreaders, but also traders, webmasters and project managers who oversee the whole thing. Blue Whale Press is a dynamic organism. Thanks to this, we carry out our activities professionally and effectively.

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